By: Sincere P.

The Change

The Renaissance was the rebirth of art and learning. It started after the BLACK DEATH which killed about 1/3 of the Population. The Renaissance is a classical learning and rediscovery of ancient Rome and Greece. The Renaissance artist rejected the Religious thought of the Middle Ages, because for them the Middle Ages were the Dark ages. The Renaissance was the rebirth of creativity. It was most of the most creative time period in human history. They also say that Florence has often been called the Athens of the Renaissance because of all the great artist that were born or worked there.

How Change impact society at that time

The Renaissance impact society by its art and creativity. Renaissance artist reject the the middle ages because it turned into the dark ages. Humanism rose up, rebirth in art and literature came about from ancient Greece and Rome etc. The Renaissance changed the way people think about the world now because of it we have so many inventions from back then that we still use now.

Rise of Humanism

Renaissance Humanism broke from the medieval tradition but not for religious reason but for personal interest. Humanism was focused on more of worldly pleasures and classic text from philosophers such as Aristotle. Humanism also increased travel and different ways to achieve more knowledge. All sorts of Renaissance artist were also influenced by humanist beliefs.