Learn How to Grow Your Shopping Network

Lyoness Has Now Reached 100,000 Members!

As a result there will be a huge influx of shoppers joining all around the world.
The question is - Will they be a part of YOUR shopping community?

Cash Back University (CBU), will provide everything you need to get off to a great start with Lyoness! Training will consist of 4 sessions within a 30 day period, starting the first Tuesday of every month. These sessions will take place at Dolton Bowl and begin promptly at 7:00 PM.

The first session will be for everyone who is a registered member, old or new, who wants to get the most out of their shopping experience with Lyoness. This session covers:
  1. How to shop
  2. Where to shop
  3. Why to shop with Lyoness merchants

Those who express an interest in sharing the Lyoness loyalty program with others, will be invited back to session two. Subjects covered will be:
  1. How to Share
  2. How to Budget
  3. How to Set Goals

Those who want to take FULL advantage of building a shopping network will be invited back for future sessions providing more information on:
  1. Building Your Shopping Network
  2. Using Social Media
  3. The Lyoness Compensation Plan
  4. The Lyoness Loyalty Merchant Program

Your Chicagoland leaders challenge all existing members to make a 30 day investment into learning all there is to know about the benefits of the Lyoness rewards program. Our goal is to give you a clear picture of how Lyoness fits into your life today and in the future.

When you register someone for Lyoness, simply forward their information to and we will handle the rest. The first session of CBU will begin on November 5, 2013. Make sure to share this information with anyone you have recommended to Lyoness as those who register after the first Tuesday of any month must wait until the following month to register for CBU.

* Any Lyoness member unable to attend the first Tuesday or any other Tuesdays once registered, will be able to follow along online.

Cash Back University (CBU) Training

Tuesday, Nov. 5th 2013 at 7pm

1401 East Sibley Boulevard

Dolton, IL

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