Why Malala is a Hero !!

By :Tyzhane sims

Malala Malala our hero!! Here is some information about our hero Malala Yousafzai .

Equal :She wants everyone in school . Girls should go to school just like the boys.There are 32 million girls that do not attained school . When Malala was 14 years old her school along with 400 more schools were bombed . Malala doesn't want this for other girls that is why she wants them in school she also wants the bully rates to go down.

School : She doesn't want girls to go through what she went threw at her school the bombing , bullying, and more .

Saver : By her going on TV shows and everywhere else with cameras that lets you know that she is real . Because some people when the cameras come they get all scared because they don't really mean what they say they just want the attention. But Malala no she wants the girls to go to school she wants to be heard.Malala was shot by the Taliban because she wants girls and other children that are not in school to be in school .

Malala is my hero because she could have said well i am just going to sit and let other girls and boys go through what i have been through . Malala Yousafzai said no i will not sit back and let this go on . I am going to speak up and let my voice be heard .