APA Style


Why do we use references?

References are

  1. an acknowledgement of where you got your information
  2. a signpost to others to find great resources
  3. evidence of your credibility
  4. all of the above

You Quote It, You Note It

To start, let's take a look at what plagiarism is, quoting vs paraphrasing, and how to embed quotes and correctly cite your references:

You Quote It, You Note It

APA Resources

  • Look at Source It. Locate how to:
    • format a page (i.e., margin, header, spacing, font)
    • create an embedded citation (i.e., what information needs to be included)
    • consult an example essay (see how to title the last page of your essay)
  • Go to APA Citation Maker. Match the source you would use for each of the following items:
      1. an multi-volume encyclopedia
      2. a short story
      3. a print newspaper article
      4. an article on a website
      5. a YouTube video
  • MLA/APA page on FMSS Library's website

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