Surviving the Amazon

Our Items

Checked Lighter- To start a fire

Clothes- To wear, wrap food and leave a trail

Food and Drinks- To eat and drink

Bug Spray- To try our best to not be disturbed by bugs

First Aid Kit- To heal ourselves if we have an injury

Radio- To attempt to contact the outside world

Backpack- To carry our belongings

Flashlight and Batteries- To use when it gets dark

A Canteen- To store our water

Checked Knife- For protection and as a tool

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We are aiming to get to Belem, Brazil. It is at the mouth of the Amazon River. Hopefully, if we follow the river correctly, we will reach our destination.

Jared Steward


Likes the outdoors

Good at fishing

Matthew Burn


Likes soccer

Likes to hunt

What are the potential food sources in the jungle?

We could eat fruits, go fishing or hunt animals.

How would you and your partner decide what is safe to eat and what could be poisonous?

We would try to avoid weird looking things and try to stick to what we know is safe to eat.

What would you need to obtain your food?

We could wrap our food in extra clothes and put them in our backpack. We could also clean them with the water that we have.

The Struggle is Real

Days have passed, and we are exhausted. It is really humid and the rain continues to pour. The water is really sticky and the bugs won't stop biting, despite the bug spray we've been using. The worst part so far is when Jared was bitten by a snake. There have been no symptoms of poison so far, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. The first aid kit really helped.
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One Great Accomplishment

Although we are struggling a bit, we are abundant with food. This was honestly surprising to us. We are following the river so we fish whenever we want. We have stored lots of fruits and they have kept us going. We are very grateful for this.

Our Extraction Point

We landed exactly where we wanted to! We just arrived in Belem, Brazil. This city is right at the mouth of the Amazon river. We are getting treatment and they are certainly meeting our needs. Hopefully we return home soon!
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