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The day the lights went out at Soledad!

Students at Rose Ferrero embraced the day by making the best of the situation. The power outage did not stop our upper-grade students from listening to their favorite kindergarten buddy read to them. Students came into the classroom with their flashlights and seized this moment to quietly listen to their kindergarten buddy read to them. Kudos to all students and staff who made the best of the moment by continuing their teaching and students their learning despite the power outage.

Laying down a solid attendance foundation for your child is the key to their educational success!

Big picture
Big picture

SUSD Specialists Practicing Rhythmic Belly Breathing During Their Training

SUSU support specialist met on October 29th at Main Street Middle School for training in all aspects of Special Education. Topics discussed at the training included, writing and conducting effective Individual Educational Plans (IEP) and meetings, collaboration with other staff members, documentation, and data entry and appropriate forms, parent participation and follow up, etc. For closure, the meeting ended with some mindfulness practices.

Why mindfulness?

Dynamic Mindfulness is an evidence-based trauma-informed program that strengthens stress resilience and Social-emotional learning. Mindful action, breathing, and centering are its key elements. Scientific evidence supports the idea that practices like mindfulness can help address individual and societal problems. School dropout rates, substance abuse, trauma among children and adults, etc can all be impacted through these practices. Mindfulness practices complement Social Emotional Learning 9SEL) programs. Students or adults who have been through traumatic experiences or are currently faced with stress could use Dynamic Mindfulness practice to help cope. For more information about how mindfulness can be integrated into your school or classroom feel free to visit.

Mindfulness practices assists in coping with stress and trauma students face.

Mindfulness practices can assist students and adults cope with stress and/or trauma