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Back To School

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Picture Days! Students Will Take Pictures During Their English Language Arts Class

Picture Day Dates: Tuesday, August 24 - If you have ELA on a B day.

Wednesday, August 25 - If you have ELA on an A day

Back to School Excitement is Building at Jefferson!

Please check the Jefferson High School website for Back to School information.

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Help Recovering Your School Account

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Important Numbers If You Are In Need of Assistance

Need Assistance? We are here to help...

Jefferson Main Office: (319) 558-2435

Mr. Mike Hawley, Principal

Ms. Lorie Bateman, Associate Principal

Mr. Chris Deam, Athletic Director

Mr. Chad Szabo, Associate Principal

Mr. Mike Panoch, Facilitator

Office Staff:

Ms. Lois Bassett, Main Office

Ms. Lori Gunn, Main Office

Ms. Nancy Coffman, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

TBD, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Carrie Deam, Clinic (319) 558-2221

Ms. Jackie Simoens, Athletics (319) 558-2148

Ms. Debra Floyd, Bookkeeping (319) 558-2743

Student Services: (319) 558-2441

Brenda Morillo, Counseling Secretary

Nancy Priebe, Special Ed. Compliance Secretary

Kim Abram, Counselor (Freshmen)

Jason Edwards, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names A-HA)

Jamie Cummins, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names Hb-Pa)

Judy McIntosh, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names Pb-Z)

Ms. Tori Delagardelle, Nurse (319) 558-2221

TBD, Technology

Kevin Darrow, PACT

Rebecca Egli, Transition Specialist