Welcome To Two Mills, Pennsylvania

Where black and whites are separate.

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Two Mills, The Separate Colored Community

Two Mills is a very interesting place to be. It is the place where the blacks are in the East End and the whites live in the West End. The whites don't dare to go in the East End and the blacks don't dare to go in the West End. During hot summer days kids will be outside playing in the water , the littlest kids naked, and the older in swim suits. In the West End are the Cobras, which is a bad game, and in the East End is Mars Bars, who think that he is so tough and intimidated. If you go to the West End the McNabs will be getting ready for a revolt, so don't go by the McNabs house.

Who To Watch Out For and Not To Be Friends With

Who to Be Friends With

Survival Guide For Two Mills

  1. If you are white, stay on the West Side
  2. If you are a black, stay on the East End
  3. When you go out to dinner or someplace, make sure you go to the right place for your skin color
  4. Don't get into a fight with Mars Bars
  5. Don't go by the Cobras and John Mcnab

Tips For Sports

  1. In baseball, watch out for John McNab pitching because he throws really fast and when you are picking teams for baseball, pick John McNab
  2. When you play football, pick Hands Down for your first pick and when you play against him, watch out for him because he is really good
  3. When every Maniac Magee wants to play any sport with you, ALWAYS pick him because he is the best at every sport
  4. When John McNab throw a frog at you when pitching, bunt it for a home run

Sports To Play






Exciting Places to Visit

Things To Do In Your Free Time

Play Baseball And Football

Batter batter swing!! Touchdown!! Have a fun and enjoyable day playing baseball and football. Watch out for John McNab pitching in baseball and be with Hands Down playing football because he is really good. Finally, always have Maniac Magee on your team because he is the best player in every sport.

Spend A Day In The Zoo

Have a tremendous day hanging with the buffaloes and the deers at the zoo!! You might even see Maniac Magee in the buffalo pen. You will see a lot of animals and have beautiful views. Hope you have a nice day there.

Go To The Pickwells House For Dinner

RING RING RING!!! When you hear the bell ring that means it is time for dinner. There is usually over 10 people at the dinner and they welcome anybody! You might even see Maniac Magee there eating dinner!

Go To The Park

The Park is the best place to have a picnic and go running. Rumor has it that Maniac Magee and Mar Bars run together in this park. Also it is a very relaxing place.
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