Stress Project

By Alex and Jacob

Louis Zamperini

- "Never Give Up. No Matter What."


Louis Zamperini was an Olympic Hero, a WWII Bombardier, and survived Japanese concentration camps. Even after surviving his imprisonment in Japan and returning back home, he suffered from constant nightmares and a deep depression. He overcame his PTSD by traveling around the United States as a motivational speaker promoting "The Power of Forgiveness".

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Post Traumatic Stess Disorder (PTSD)

What It Is, Symptoms, Treatment

What It Is - PTSD is a mental health condition that's triggered by a traumatic event in someone's life. It can be triggered by experiencing the event or even just seeing it happen.

Symptoms - The most common symptoms are Intrusive Memories like flashbacks, Avoidance of anything related to the event, Negative changes in Mood and Emotional Reactions, and even Suicidal Thoughts.

Treatment - There are Drugs and Psychological Treatment for PTSD. The primary treatment is Psychotherapy but, if that doesn't seem to be working, there are always drugs. There is Cognitive and Exposure Therapy available. Cognitive Therapy helps recognize the ways of thinking that are keeping you stuck. Exposure Therapy exposes you to what you are scared of in a safe way in order to help you get past your fears (with VR). They also have Drugs like Antidepressants, Prazosin (Minipress), and Anti-Anxiety Medications.

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