September Newsletter-Spanish 2

"September"= Septiembre (pronounced, "Sep-tee-em-bray)

The first week of the month will conclude our Spanish 1 review. It will culminate with a review test on Friday, September 11th. Then, on 9/14 we will begin Spanish 2 content. This month, we will start with Chapter 8 which is a Medical vocabulary chapter. Students also will learn the differences between verbs, "Ser" and "Estar" which both mean, "To be". Lastly, students will learn to use Indirect Object Pronouns in their writing and speech in the target language.

Important Dates to Remember

September 15th: Teachers submit Interim grades

September 18th: Interim grades to be mailed home

September 25th: Early release for students and Homecoming football game at LHS

September 26th: Homecoming dance at LHS (7pm-10pm)