Tiger Family Newsletter

January 29, 2023

Week Of January 30th

Monday 1/30 - Karate, Volleyball Practice

Tuesday 1/31 - STEM Club, Coding Club 2nd/3rd grade, Girls Volleyball Game

Wednesday 2/1 - Girls Volleyball, Club Leo

Thursday 2/2- Coding Club 4th/5th grade, Girls Volleyball, Polished Pebbles, Chess Club

Friday 2/3 - Karate, Dance

School Calendar Corrections

Upon reviewing the school calendar, there are two errors we want to make you aware of.

  • On Monday, February 20th, there will be NO SCHOOL.
  • The last day of school is Thursday, June 1st.

An updated calendar will be shared to reflect those corrections.


Parents please take a moment to review the infographic below on Teen Vaping. We want to make sure that students are not using vape or e-cigarette devices. Our counselor is providing this information to students at school, but please take some time to discuss the dangers of vaping with your child.
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Greetings from Mr. Schouten, Lincoln's Technology Integration Specialist

Mr. Schouten shares some insight into the world what our children are learning and growing in. This video was created for Lincoln teachers, however this is good information for all parents!
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Important Testing Information, Please Read!

Each Wednesday Covid, RSV, and Flu testing will take place at Lincoln Elementary school. The test is completed using a mouth swab and results are returned within a day. Testing will be completed by S&T labs. Please complete the following form to notify us of your wishes for your child regarding testing. Testing is available on Mondays as well, but only for students that are suspected of being sick. Thank you!

Cada miércoles se realizarán pruebas de Covid, RSV y Flu en la escuela de Lincoln. La prueba se completa con un hisopo bucal y los resultados se devuelven en un día. Las pruebas serán completadas por los laboratorios de S&T. Complete el siguiente formulario para notificarnos sus deseos para su hijo con respecto a las pruebas. Las pruebas también están disponibles los lunes, pero solo para los estudiantes que se sospecha que están enfermos. ¡Gracias!

Uniform Information

ACCEPTABLEClean Navy Blue or Khaki “bottoms”: Navy Blue or Khaki uniform style pants, and cargo pants, fitted at the waist line, capris, jumpers, skorts, and uniform shorts and skirts of fingertip length or longer.

NOT ACCEPTABLE AS UNIFORM ATTIREANYTHING THAT IS NOT UNIFORM STYLE OR SCHOOL PANTS. For example, denim of any kind or color such as jeans, skinny jeans, leggings as pants, jumpers, skirts, shirts or overalls, sweatpants, nylon athletic pants or athletic wear, baggy or parachute pants, or any spandex attire, pants with holes, etc. Open toe shoes, sandals/athletic slides and “crocs” style shoes are not allowed at any time during school hours.

ACCEPTABLE - Clean, logo-free, (solid color) Light Blue or Navy tops, or approved :Lincoln School: logo shirt of this color. Style of tops shall be Oxford (buttons from neck to shirttails) or Polos (two or three buttons at neckline.) Tops shall be tucked in, long or short sleeve shirts with collars. Shirts worn underneath uniform shirts/blouses must be solid colored white blue or black. Logo free navy blue, black, or white solid colored sweaters/fleece, sweatshirts (without hoods) and vests may be worn over acceptable shirts with collars.

Early Pickups and Parent Visitors

  • If you are picking your child up early or are coming for a meeting, please have your Drivers License or State ID with you. We need to scan the IDs of all adults coming into the building during the day.
  • Also, please be sure to tell anyone that is an Emergency Contact to have their ID when picking your child up as well.
  • We strongly suggest checking your information in the PowerSchool Parent Portal for accuracy. If you need assistance you can contact our PowerSchool Parent Helpers at pshelp@L156.org

Para leer el boletin en español use el botón Traducir

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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival - Please pull all the way up to the Main Entrance Area before letting your child out of your vehicle. There are staff members posted to ensure that your child arrives to their designated door safely. Do not let your child out in the middle of 157th Street, it is unsafe for your child to cross through cars using the drop off lane. Also, please be mindful of students on 156th Place. The school zone speed limit is 20 MPH.

Dismissal - Please maintain a 20 MPH speed around the building. Also, please watch for students that are still learning traffic safety. The staff parking lot is NOT a designated pick up area, please do not use this space to pick up your child.

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, February 17, Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Monday, February 20, No School