RES Staff Update

January 21-25, 2019


I wanted to update everyone on my dad's (and my) status. Last week my dad was moved from neuro ICU to a room that is a step down from this level (still neuro). He was not able to have surgery due to a couple of infections that he developed. Since then, he has developed pneumonia. It has been a roller coaster with his progress. Today, we met with a doctor from palliative care who is helping guide us on our next steps. I so wish we had a crystal ball to know what will happen. My dad is 88 years old and has lived a great life. Thank you all for your amazing support as I stay with him through this. I do think we'll have a better picture of where things are heading in the next few days. With that, I should know my status as well. We are planning to set up a schedule (my brother, sister, and me) once we have a clear plan. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Hug your loved ones! I'll see you all soon.~Kelly

What Does It Mean to Have a Kids Deserve It Attitude?

Having a #kidsDeserveit attitude means that in all you do as a teacher and in all the roles you play as a professional, kids come first, no matter what it takes.

To put kids first. To push yourself as be a better educator.

Having a #KidsDeserveIt attitude means going into school everyday with the attitude that you students can do anything that they set their mind to. This is truly that puts the children first and does everything with the full mindset of helping out their students. There will be struggles along the way, but this teacher always recognizes that children matter and deserve for us to always put them first, get to know them, and find the little ways to make their day.

Super Bowl Bingo

Now that the playoffs have determined who will play in the Super Bowl, we will be gearing up for our annual football pool game. This year all staff will be able to earn stickers to place on the games by participating in a staff bingo game. You will soon see a large bingo card posted near the lounge. Each square of the card has a description of a kind act or #KidsDeserveIt behavior. If you complete one of the actions, you will sign your name on that portion of the bingo card. Only 10 signatures will be allowed per square, and you may only sign one square per day. You will earn 2 stickers to place on the football pool for each signature. You'll receive an additional 5 stickers if you create a bingo. Let's sprinkle some joy throughout our building as we participate in this staff-wide bingo game!


E-track groups are being formed and rosters will be sent tomorrow. Thank you for your patience! Our first e-track will begin this Wednesday, January 23.

Reminders for This Week

TUESDAY: Super Bowl Bingo Begins & Multicultural Festival (pm)

WEDNESDAY: SIT Meeting (7:40 am) & E-track begins

THURSDAY: Science Vertical Team Meeting (4:30 pm)

FRIDAY: Donuts with Dad (7:30 am), College Spirit Day, Cultural Celebrations (2nd), Garden Day (4th), Mid-Year Reflections due & Report Cards go home

SATURDAY: Cy-Fair Ed Camp @ Spillane MS

Professional Development

Ed Camp Cy-Fair (Saturday, Jan. 26, 8am-12:30 pm @ Spillane MS)

Here is an opportunity to attend great PD right here in the district! I attended last year and learned so many great tips. If you've never attended an Ed Camp, it is a different format for PD. Sessions are determined right there on the spot. Participants share what they want to learn, and other participants offer to host. You choose what sessions you attend. It's also FREE! Here is the information to register:

Free PD Opportunity, 4 Off-Contract Hours, Course #23997

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Calendar Updates-Bolded items are new this week

Saturday, Jan. 26

  • Ed Camp Cy-Fair (free PD offered at Spillane MS--See Professional Development section for information on registering.)

Monday, Jan. 28

  • Begin earning Super Bowl squares (more information coming)

Wednesday, Jan. 30

  • Don Ryan, school board member, visits Robison (10-11 am)

Thursday, Jan. 31

  • Pajama Day ($1--"I'm Dreaming of a Bright Future"-All $ for scholarship) & Kinder planning at 3:00

Friday, Feb. 1

  • Kinder planning at 3:00

Staff Dress for the Week

Tuesday--Team Shirt Tuesday

Wednesday--Professional Dress

Thursday--Wear Jeans--No Coupon Needed--Just give out 10 compliments (It's "Compliment Day")

Friday--College Spirit Day and jeans

2018-2019 Master Calendar

You will receive a paper copy of this. Please make sure to check the Staff Update each week for any changes.