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NJ Geothermal Heating Cooling Systems

The Earth is a giant solar collector that absorbs Solar Energy from the sun and stores it as Geothermal Energy. At depths of 30+ feet here in NJ, New Jersey this Geothermal heat energy is a constant 50+ degrees. We are Natioanally Certified Geoexchange Designer Contractors and NJ licensed master well drillers.

Able Environmental, LLC ( use this stored energy by drilling Geoexchange energy wells (we are also NJ licensed master well drillers) and installing a Geothermal heat pump to use this free solar powered Geothermal heating cooling energy. Open Loop Geothermal Heating, Cooling, Hot Water Systems use drilled GeoExchange supply and return ground water. energy wells.

Closed Loop Geothermal systems use drilled Geoexchange energy wells with fluid filled U bend underground piping to transfer this free Solar Powered Geothermal Energy. Standing Column GeoExchange energy wells are a hybrid of open and closed loop using a single well in rock formations to transfer this free energy. So as the saying goes let's " Drill Baby, Drill " for the right reason.

Solar Energy Companies in NJ

You will enjoy four seasons of comfortable, temperate, healthy, filtered clean air 24/7, no more blasts of hot or cold air. Built in humidity control make your basement recreation room luxuriously livable. Energy Recovery Fresh Air Ventilators, "UV" Germicidal Air Purification further enhance your level of comfort and safety including reduced allergens, dust, mold, mildew, germs, volatile organic chemicals & carcinogens. No chimney, flame, smoke, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide or potentially dangerous explosive fossil fuels.

The United States Department of Energy USDOE endorses the use of Geo-Systems for a cleaner, healthier environment to reduce urban smog, acid rain, your carbon footprint, plus a huge savings in electricity. The smallest installed system is equal to planting an Acre of Trees or removing 2 cars from the road.