June Newsletter


We're coming up on the August RSS incentive! We have one of these at the beginning of each catalog and it's a great way to get products from the new catalog for FREE! There will be three levels that you can earn with your sales. If you sell $300 you will earn the first level and if you sell $600 you earn the second level, and the 3rd level is $1200! If you haven't already watched the Fall catalog preview on TOT, do it NOW! You DON'T want to miss this incentive so pack your calendar for the 1st-15th of August!

While we're all really excited about the new catalog, be sure to finish your summer strong! You will get bookings for Fall parties from your Summer parties so keep on going strong!

I Appreciate YOU!

June was Team Shine's biggest month to date! We broke $10,000 in sales which was a huge milestone! I hope you all are excited about your commission checks that will post on the 10th :) I know I am! Our total was $10,717!

My commission as a consultant for the month of June, had I not chosen leadership with the company, would have been $520.75.

Since I DID choose leadership, my total commission for the month of June will be $842.26!

I'm sharing these numbers not to brag, but to show you all that by building a team of your own, you can make MORE money AND get the perks of being a director! Bonuses, extra amenities, finding out info first...I can't wait to promote again and earn even more!

If you are interested in leadership, but not really sure how to start, or need help with recruiting, please let me know. There are tons of resources out there and I can help you with goal setting. Just give me a call! I want to see you all succeed!

Happy July everyone!!

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