1936 Olympics

The first time television was used to broadcast a sporting event at the Olympics took place in this event. Olympics were threatened by several political boycotts during this time. In 1891, basketball was introduced to the Olympics, which the first games were held in 1896 with Athens. In 1908, the games became international to London.
In 1913, Pierre designed the five Olympic rings symbol and flag to the games. The five flags represented the fraternity of all nations with no exceptions. The 1936 games were the beginning of the pageantry traditions. There are over 59 different nations that were in the Olympics. With men, the Uinted States conitinued its 40 year dominance of Olympic track and field championships at Berlin by including seven track victories and five field championships.
The competitions at Berlin were extremely keen with 893 athletes from 42 nations entered. With women, the German gained at least one metal in every event but one, the 400 meter relay to one exce[ption, Dorffeldt dropped the baton on the last change. Olympic records were bettered in in five of seven compromising the womens program, which was inaugrated in 1928.

Caitlin Gomez

Enlish 8-4


March 6, 2015