Commercialism sacrificing quality and health for profit?!

Effects of "Fake" Commercials

Companies like mcdonald's use so much fat in their food causing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers. The article by Sarah Knapton tells us that 66 per cent of men are overweight or obese and 57 per cent of women and there will be even more the coming years. “Currently around 66 per cent of men are overweight or obese and 57 per cent of women. However 74 per cent of men will be overweight or obese by 2030 and 64 per cent of women according to new figures”(Knapton 2). Is shocking to know that so many people are going to be obese because fast food places are making people obese, which leads to disease. Also most people don’t even pay attention to what they are eating. For example, McDonald’s salad had more fats than their burgers! Fast food places need to make healthier food so we don’t become obese.


There is only one solution to this problem, we as humans need to stop all fast foods. We need to expose places like mcdonald's and burger king by showing their nutrition facts on there commercials. We will benefit from this because we can reduce the amount of obesity in the whole world by knowing nutrition facts. It will also show if we can be strong enough to stand up and stop“fake” food. All we need to do is expose the nutritional facts behind everything.

Call to action!!

Commercialism needs to focus on selling good products and forget about the all money. Not only do we need to stop all of this non sense but the advertisers also need to realize all of the effects caused. To stop this I am going to create a YouTube channel that shows nutrition facts. This will allow the world to see what's in the food that they eat on one of the most popular websites. I can also bring to people's attention by making flyers and ging them to people. I alone can’t do all this so we all need to work together to resolve this big issue. I hope I can achieve my goal and make a difference in this world.