There's many ways to make foundation, but they all include many chemicals and ingredients to obtain the color and texture it has.





-iron oxides

-titanium dioxide


You use your foundation for a few months before it runs out and you throw the container away. The containers are either plastic or glass, both hazardous to our environment. Glass takes so long to decompose that we don't have an exact duration for it; but over a million years is our best estimate.


Once the foundation is gone people will usually just throw the bottle into the trash, adding to landfills and contamination of our water supplies.

There are MANY ways to safely dispose of your empty makeup without harming the environment, along with many ways to make it last longer to lessen the amount being thrown away annually.

The makeup is also usually packaged inside more containers such as cardboard paper, and there are also many other materials used to hold and operate the makeup.

Usually the caps are recyclable, so caps and any other plastic part of an empty container should be recycled rather than thrown away normally (bottles and packaging should tell whether they can be recycled or not).

DO NOT rinse out any remaining makeup, it only adds to the water supply. Rather wipe it off and throw the tissue away.