Character tracking: Erik

By :Austyn Hance

Eriks decisions...

Erik has made many decisions against Paul but the biggest one he has made are not very pleasant. The choices he made has cause him and Paul to not be very close, and this is why.....

Luis Death: page 246

"Actually mom he was not killed by a tree branch he was killed by Arthur Bauer, on orders from Erik." This made a HUGE impact on Paul because his brother was telling someone to kill someone. It probably made him nervous or scared to be around Erik.

The Erik Fisher Football Dream: page 233

Paul and Erik never had a good relationship they always fought and Erik never really paid attention at Paul. Every time his dad starts to talk about the Erik fisher football dream he cannot stop. He is more obsessed with Erik then anything its taking personal time away.. "come on Paul. did you make the team or not." "how am i supposed to know that?"

Erik and Arthur stealing: page 277-281

When the houses where being tented from the termites, Erik and Arthur where stealing from those houses.That affected Paul because his family name was being named wrong things and it was bad. " Erik and Arthur gave some of your things away, and e are working on getting them back."

Erik spaying spray paint in Paul's eyes" page 263-264

Erik and his friend Vincent are the people that blinded Paul. If it wasn't for them, Paul would be normal. they held him down and sprayed white spray paint in his eyes. "And i remembered Erik's fingers prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them."