Apostolic Shalom Ministry UPC

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus ,we just got back from mission field Japan and we want to thank you for your support and prayers that has enable us to travel to this nation japan and be part of God is doing in this end time move.Many were delivered,filled with the baptism of the Spirit,healed and set free from bondage's.

It was a wonderful Holy Spirit outpouring and baptism of fire in Tokyo in our 2 days Revival meeting and also on the week days and especially on Easter Service. God refilled all those who came hungry .Waves and waves of the fire of God Fell and many that Were There experienced the Weight of the Glory of God as flame of fire keep falling on their physical bodies burning every bondage and yokes.

All 50 over were refilled with the Holy Ghost , some were on the floor screaming and surrendering their lives as the Spirit of God came upon them and 32 that came with various sickness and pain were healed. 6 visitor repented and gave their lives to Jesus and two had stammering lips as the Holy Ghost fell on them.
Two Japanese girls that were suffering of depression was delivered and prayed through, at the end of the service God filled her with abundance of Joy

Waves and waves of the fire of God Fell And Many That Were There Experience The Weight Of The Glory Of God as flame of fire keep falling on their physical bodies burning every bondage and yokes were broken.

Healings and miracles

The revival in Japan continues on our 2nd day Revival service , numerous people and saints has experienced God in filling them with his spirit and healing miracles as testimonies are coming in and many are experiencing the afterglow from the meeting as the miraculous continuous.Below is some of them testifying of the healing testimonies and the goodness of God almost all who came with hunger were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost

Some who backslide earlier and left the church came and we prayed them through the Holy Ghost and 2 ladies were delivered and were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. More healing took place among the people. We had a wonderful session engulfed in the mighty presence of God.

Easter Revival Service

On Easter Sunday many were filled with the baptism of the spirit and 28 were healed including 2 of them partially deaf could hear on both ears, a sister that was suffering from back pain for many years and was due to surgery was healed instantly ,4 of them that came with migraine receive healing, those that had arthritis healed , a woman with uterus cancer stage 4 came with great pain testifies all her pain disappeared and she was normal when prayed for and she believe she was healed-she is going to get a medical check to confirm her healing,
Two with bone degeneration diseases healed. A sister that was writhing in pain from her abdomen pain for 1 and 1/2 years due to a growth testifies that all the pain left her when prayed for.
All those that came to the altar were refilled with the baptism of the holy Ghost.

All these took place at Hajime UPC Church about 50 km away from Tokyo town ,when we return to the TWT church in downtown Tokyo God for 2 pm service once again God filled a coupe of them with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and some were delivered of demonic possession.All glory to Jesus
It was beautiful to behold the book of Acts in Japan totally and thank you for standing in the gap of prayers and support to reach the nations and prepare HIS bride before the coming of the king !!!

Apostolic Shalom Ministry(UPC)

Japan mission