Frank Lloyd Wright

A legendary architect who possessed an amazing talent

simple yet Brilliant

the most simple thing on our planet

is a blank white space

ready for nature

ready for Frank

Look to the edges

there are lines

put these in architecture

and beauty is very obvious

Look at Fallingwater

at Taliesin

at Guggenheim

at Wingspread

nature is there

with Rocks protruding through a living room floor

window edges flush with Mountainsides

with little trace of man

and a large trace of spirit

the Philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright was


Biography of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin, on June 8, 1867.  His parents William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones never could anticipate that their son would one day become an Amerian legend.  With divorced parents, life was hard as a child and teenager for Wright.  To gain money for his family, he started work in architecture for the University of Wisconsin.  This job opened up a new realm of life for Wright.  He was hired by the prestigious Alder and Sullivan architectural firm.  Six years later, his legacy took off when he became self employed.  During this time, the seeds of the key elements and style of Wright were planted.  His unique way of architecture was displayed in the buildings that he designed during this period in his life.  Across his lifespan, Frank Lloyd Wright has inspored millions of people across the globe, includiong myself.

- See Garrett for a commercial for Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest works.

Expository Essay

Frank Lloyd Wright has been America’s most influential architect of all time. Along with myself, his unique and rare talent has inspired many others across the globe. There is just something about this man and his work that is so unique and outstanding. Frank Lloyd Wright had an amazing journey to his ultimate fame and his unique style as America’s finest architect.

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867 to William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones in Richland Center Wisconsin. His family traveled quite frequently because of his father’s occupation as a preacher. His parents divorced in 1885, making Wright’s life extremely financially challenging. To raise money, Wright worked for the dean of engineering at the University of Wisconsin. This was an essential step in his architectural success because of the close ties between architecture and engineering. While working for the dean, he also was a student at the University. Wright quickly decided that his true path in life was going to be paved with bricks of architecture, so he left his home grounds of Wisconsin for Chicago, a rich region in architecture. Wright was hired by two firms, and then the prestigious Adler and Sullivan firm, which yet again raised his fame and prestige greatly. He then worked directly under Louis Sullivan for six years. After he realized that he possessed true, rare talent and skill, he decided to work on his own. (1)[b]

Once Wright started working with his own custom style, his skill was displayed greatly and his fame skyrocketed. He pioneered many different styles of architecture, including his type of home called “Prairie Style”. This style of home was a genre of design unique to Wright, including low roofs and strong horizontal lines. He experimented frequently with obtuse angles and curves, represented in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. During the Great Depression, Wright realized that his homes were very expensive to have designed. In order to get more people to use him as an architect, Wright developed a low-cost alternative to his Prairie Style known as “Usonian”. These homes featured many of the same features as Prairie Style homes, just much cheaper. A major effect of Wright’s style, probably the most well known thing about Frank Lloyd Wright, was that he revolutionized the use of space. (2)

Frank Lloyd Wright Has had an amazing journey to his ultimate fame and his unique style as America’s finest architect. Since he lived a very diverse childhood and was exposed to many different environments, an ideal environment for an architect was produced. His amazing style and his many structures will never be forgotten, yet some have already been demolished. Wright passed away some fifty years ago, but he will always be remembered in my thoughts, the architectural community, and the spirit of the United States of America.