BJH Staff Activities

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have had an amazing and restful break and are ready to get back and hit the ground running.

Remember we are here for the kids and that must be first and foremost for every day you come - Kids Deserve It! Please go back and review the blog from this summer and reflect on the amazing things that were discussed. Each item is just as important now as it was at the beginning of the year. Thanks for what you do!

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Week of March 18th

Since there is so much in this week….I decided to just put 1 week up for now.

Monday, March 19th

  • Temporary Transfer ARD – new student – time TBD
  • 8:00 Saxton meeting
  • 10:40 504 8th grade T. M. (Karla)
  • 10:40 ARD 6th grade E. C. (Atchley)
  • 10:55 ARD Elementary (Saxton)
  • Saxton meeting 1:00
  • 1:55 Saxton ARD Elementary
  • 7/8 band practice during eagle period
  • BJH Tennis at Peaster
  • School Board Meeting – spotlight Hayden Baker and Dianna Koch – Published Article in Lifestyle Magazine

Tuesday, March 20th

  • Lisa Million last day
  • 10:00 Admin Meeting Saxton / Atchley
  • 1:00 CNA meeting Saxton / Atchley
  • BJH Track Meet 3:30

Wednesday, March 21st

  • College Shirt Day
  • Wear Mismatched Socks – World Down Syndrome Day
  • 8th-grade Spinal Screenings
  • 7/8 Band practice during Eagle period
  • 1:55 ARD Saxton Elementary

Thursday, March 22nd

  • 7:30 Saxton ARD Elementary
  • State Archery Shoot
  • Mrs. Duncan-Johnson Birthday
  • Mrs. Harris at TASC Conference
  • 7/8 band at Cisco Music Fest - eat during 5th-grade lunch
  • Spinal Screenings 5th
  • 1:55 ARD Saxton at Elementary
  • BHS track meet – Saxton/Atchley
  • Mom & Son Sock Hop at Elem. 5:30

Friday, March 23rd

  • 7/8 Band Movie Night

**Don’t forget about the amazing STAAR videos that were sent out the Friday before the break.

Those certificates will be due at the March 28th a.m. OR p.m. training session.**