AIDS; Wiping a race out one by one

What do you believe?


The Center for Disease Control first reported the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981. Rumors persisted that AIDS was a deadly virus made by the CIA in order to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans, South African President, Mkbeki even publicly shared his opinion that the U.S government manufactured the disease in Military Bases and labs. Other popular beliefs say that the U.S government directly injected gay men with the virus during the Hepatitis-B experiments in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There is also a few who believe that Richard Nixon's attempt to combine the U.S Biowarfares department and the National cancer institute in 1971 was pretty incriminating of the United States to do.

Those Who Agree

News one, Times magazine and many more agree with the conspiracies and rumors. Aids was an Inside job, and not some super bug that infected all blacks and homosexuals. This is not just a bunch of African Americans claiming that the United States government is out to get them, this is the reality of 300 plus years of slavery and abuse, and 100 years of post slavery exploitation by the government! This was a deliberate attack against certain people in order to manipulate the population, and rid the US of minorities.

And those who don't, the conformists

Edward Hooper, who was mainly the governments voice during this whole epidemic had a completely different take on this subject. He believed that DR. Hilary Koprowksi, of the Wistar Research Institute unintentionally caused AIDS by using chimp kidneys to produce an oral polio vaccine. The chimps were infected with SIV, (similar to AIDS) then during experimental mass-vaccination program in the Congo, SIV made the change from infecting monkey to man. This was a little less out of the blue, and a lot of people sided with the journalist, and believed what he was telling the public. Peter Duesburg added that be believed AIDS was due to drug use and promiscuity. Rev. Jerry Falwell famously argued that AIDS was Gods punishment to the homosexuals and American Society for tolerating homosexuality, As you can tell, there are many different trains of thoughts, and they all kind of make sense in their own ways.

Media Biased

Depending on what type of person you are you probably believe their thoughts. Many religious leaders spoke about their opinions and beliefs. TV shows showed their opinions too. Scientist gave theirs, conspiracy theorists told their point of views. Everyone had different thoughts on what happened, If you are more conservative you probably listened to your news stories and believed the thought that is was a total accident in a lab. So on so on.

Cultural Criticism

Majority of the population believed that this was a direct attempt to target certain cultures in society, Whether people believed the different theories or not, it made African Americans and Homosexuals look badly.

Historical Criticism

In history people knew that African Americans and homosexuals were the minorities, and this was an attempt to make history repeat itself, and look down upon those few groups of minorities.