Importance of affective education

Learn about the results of affective education in schools!


Nowadays, not every child gets the proper education it deserves because of the conditions in its country, such as war and poverty.Fortunately, the majority of our popoulation has access to modern education, since there are thousands of schools in most of the countries.However, its not enough for a child to just attend school,but it should also understand what it is taught and distinguish when it's the right time to use the education it has received.

What is affective education?

Parents send their children to school for them to learn the different subjects school has to offer. Academic subjects compose what is called education. Eventually, educators and psychologists realized that teaching students about these subjects alone is not enough for them to appreciate education and perform well in school. Many students can't focus on their studies because they were troubled by school bullying and problems at home. While some may be tagged as brilliant, they might still be flunking their classes because of lack of discipline. Problems like these led to the birth of affective education. So, what is affective education?Affective education is concerned with the beliefs, feelings and attitudes of students. Proponents of affective education believe that academic teaching should go hand in hand with personal and social education.Its main goal is to inform students understanding of their emotional and social behavior,enabling them to change where appropriate.It also encourages them to understand these behaviors in others.

Benefits of Affective Education

  • Teaching students different ways on how to approach their studies and discussing possible career tracks they can take. Can be beneficial for an easier life choice.
  • Encouraging students to achieve their life goals.
  • Motivating them to use their knowledge only for good cause and respect the human rights.