Mali's Diseased Waters

Daniela Diaz


Only 47% of Mali's water is safe to drink. To get to clean water the people have to walk a long way with heavy buckets of water, and sometimes the water isn't even clean and can be infected with parasites and disease. So people in Mali are wasting their time by getting to the cleanest water they know and isn't even clean, but causing them to get sick.


You can become infected with schistosomiasis when you come in contact with water that contains the parasite, cercariae. It burrows into your skin and continues to move about. You cannot see the parasite in the water so when the people go to collect water they are unable to tell if the water is infected or not.


Diarrhea is an effect of schistosomiasis. It causes the people who are infected to stay home sick, leaving them unable to do what they need to. While they are at home sick they could be farming, collecting water, and children could be going to school, yet they can't do any of that when they're sick at home.


Digging wells near villages is my solution. Traditionally wells are dug by hand, and by the villagers which can be very dangerous, but The Water Project ensures that the wells are dug by workers and machines that keep everyone safe.
Water Changes Everything.


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