George Gershwin

by: Ashley Piwetz

birth, and death date of George Gershwin

3 fun facts about George Gershwin

1. A little shy: Gershwin was athletic, a good dancer, and friendly.He was also modest, very smart, but a little insecure, he would go to the piano at parties, where he would play for long periods of time.

2. Canvassing: Gershwin began painting as a hobby, but he got better and more serious about it as he continued doing his paintings. His later paintings are respected in the art world.

3.good friends: Arnold Schoenberg lived near George in Hollywood and the two got along well, frequently playing tennis together. Gershwin's last oil portrait was of Arnold.


· The titles of at least 3 pieces your composer composed

· A link to at least one piece of music your composer composed

link to a piece of George's music

3 pieces of music George composed/played

1.'' Rhapsody in Blue''

2.''An America in Paris''

3.''Cuban Overture''

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