Andrew Jackson

Hero? more like a ZERO!

The Trail of Tears.

Andrew Jackson did not care what so ever about the Cherokee and there peoples. When Georgia told Jackson that they have there own Constitution and they are human and have there own rights, Jackson just laughed and told him try and enforce it. Just because there was gold there and it was more land Jackson got greedy and forced the Cherokee out of there own land and the Cherokee had to walk all the way to Oklahoma and 50% of them died on the way. Even though this was effecting the US positively this is harms human rights and he considered the Cherokee as animals not humans.

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Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was a crisis cause by the high amount of tariffs. South Carolina decided to take a stand for most of the people who didn't like the tariff and decide as a state to not pay the tariffs. Jackson reacted by sending in the Military to south Carolina and force them to by by gun. This is a major Zero act from the so called "Hero".

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The Spoils System.

Andrew Jackson used the Spoils system to win the elections. He used it to get people to convince other people to vote for him, so he can have a secure win for his next 4-year term. He did this because some people would not vote for him because of the huge list of Zero's he did. This is a cheap way to convince people to vote for him.

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This political cartoon shows Andrew Jackson sitting on a chair and he promises these people (Rats) that if they vote for him and tell people to vote for him they will give them a position in his office as a reward. Even some other runner-up people agreed. this was a way to easily win his election.
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency