Digital Learning 10.27.17

Tech Teaching and Learning News Every Friday! No Longer Free. Sad. No worries! Google to the Rescue!

Smore is an awesome tool that allows for you to create cool infographics with videos. Plus, every time you talk about it, you think about gooey S'mores!

If your campus is not excited about the cost of smore, especially if you are used to having students create smores in the past, here is an easy and FREE alternative!

Click the link below for Digital Learning Specialist Taylor Williams' post and learn how to use Google Drawings to easily replicate a newsletter.

The 9000 -Pound Elephant in the Room - How to Prevent Cheating With a Great Collaboration Tool Like Google Drive

The question came up this week, as we are moving more toward a blended model with the integration of devices into the classroom, how do we prevent cheating when online collaboration is so easy? Especially with a tool like Google Drive.

Check out the "Cheaters: Google Apps Edition" at this link for great ideas and strategies that you can use to curb cheating when students are using Google Apps.

New Formative Assessment Tool Automatically Groups Your Students For You!

Check out this blog post by Digital Learning Specialist, Owen Nesbitt about a new formative assessment tool. The special thing about new Quizalize is the data is gives you. It automatically shows you which kids "need help" (the group in red) and who is "almost there" (the group in yellow).

Rated #1 on EdSurge's Top Ten S'Cool Tools!!!

Quizalize also has thousands of built in TEKS questions.

Go to the link below to get the details on this great new tool!

Amazing Blog by Mary Terry, Middle School Academic Coach

Blogging is as much about reflecting on your own practice as it is to inform and share.

Blogging creates a learning community - a group of people who are relentless in the improvement of their craft. We have lots of awesome learning communities in Birdville. Digital Learning is proud to be a part of Mary Terry's (North Richland MS Academic Coach) learning community!

Go to the link below to read the latest post from her blog, "Tell Me Something Good, A Celebration of Effective Instructional Practices Going On At NRMS."

Thanks to her Digital Learning Specialist, Rashel Larson, for turning us on to this great learning resource from Mary!

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Do You Use Timers, Random Name Generators, or Stoplights in Your Classroom?

Check out this site with many managment tools in one place to easily display in your classroom.

Communication Apps You Can Use

These apps are from a blog post at

Check out #'s 2, 3, & 4 in Miguel Guhlin's post.


Please be advised of the Skyward maintenance window scheduled for this Sunday from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM. During the maintenance window, the Technology department will be installing the latest updates from Skyward and all Skyward systems, including Family Access, will be unavailable.

Please use the Exit Link to log out of the skyward system by 2PM on Sunday. Anyone using Skyward applications while maintenance is being conducted will automatically be logged out and all unsaved data will be lost.

Should you have any questions, please call us at x5888 or email us at

The Future of Faxing in Birdville ISD

Our traditional means of faxing is getting a much needed upgrade. Goodbye fax machine, hello email faxing. Each campus/department now has designated staff members with access to send and receive faxes. If you wish to send or receive a fax, check with your front office staff and they can help you.

Important Highlights:

  • District fax machines are no longer receiving faxes
  • Examples of Campus/Department Fax Operators: Principals, AP's, Secretaries, Diagnosticians, Counselors
  • Helpful Knowledge Base Articles: Email Faxing Articles
  • Original fax numbers are being forwarded to the new electronic fax numbers until the end of December 2017

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