GT Spring Advisory Committee

Tuesday, 4/7/15


What to Expect Today:

  • 30 Hour Training Update & Debrief
  • Summer Training: GT Round Up
  • TPSP Questions and Updates
  • TAGT 2015
  • Resources Share


Please include the following:

  • who you are
  • where you work
  • your official job title
  • your unofficial job title :)
  • the BEST thing that's happened this semester
  • your favorite springtime activity

GT: The Ultimate Amusement Park

Reflect and report on your year by depicting the GT program at your school as an amusement park ride.

Classroom timers:

30 Hour Training: Update

General Changes and Expansion:

  • Updated training from TEA in the works!
  • Additional needs for Region 18 teachers


  • Region 13 courses (currently FULL)
  • Changes and expansion for next year

At the ESC:

  • FALL
  • Summer: GT Round Up

GT Round Up: August 3-7 at the ESC

Featured Speakers:
  • TAGT past president Michelle Swain
  • TAGT presenters, instructional technology leaders, and GT advocates: Janet Newton, Ginger Lewman, Andi McNair
  • Monday--Friday 30 hours in theater
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday for featured speakers and 6 hour updates with featured speakers
  • Thursday: 3 hour sessions with ESC staff
  • Friday: leadership and counselor update

Register here later this week!:

Stay tuned for an explanatory flyer of the various sessions offered!

GT Services Next Year

2015-2016 Solutions Catalog (GT is page 14)
  • Change in structure: how can we best meet your needs?
  • Change in cost (see Solutions Catalog for details; have questions? Contact Teaching & Learning Director Nicole Gabriel
  • Change in Regional Specialist: interested or know someone who is qualified to represent GT at the Regional level? Apply here: or contact Laura with questions!

Texas Performance Standards Project

Texas Performance Standards Project:

What it is: TEA designed tasks, projects, and rubrics with developed lessons at each grade level

TEA's Updated Resources & Links

TEA's GT page: here

Updated Resources & Links:

  • Texas Performance Standards Project
  • Equity in GT: twice exceptional
  • Updated Teacher Toolkits
  • Equity in GT: bilingual programs

Share & Swap

What's working for you? What resources do you have to share? What do you need?

Use this group to grow your PLN and share and swap ideas and experiences.

Post notable questions or resources (you can include notes, links, or upload files) using Padlet:

TAGT 2015: Call for Proposals
  • Deadline for proposals is April 16; presenters will be notified by June 15
  • TAGT 2015: December 2-4, San Antonio

Additional Plug :)

Back to the Future Ready Technology Conference

  • 2 day BYOD Conference at Midland College
  • July 20 and 21
  • Session #117971
  • Cost: $100 before May 1, $150 after

Tell your friends & bring your own device; it's going to be AWESOME!

Share the tech flyer and info with your people:

Feedback to Region 18

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