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What is it?

Diphtheria is a extreme soar throat. It is caused by the bacteria called corynebacterium diphtheria. Your throat and mouth will be be covered in a really thick membrane. It produces a toxin or poison then after it is released in your blood stream.
How this disease can spreads is when you come into very close contact with breathing, or drinking. This disease prey on children under 5 and adults over 60. Its most likely to be found on the back of a throat on a human body. Since this disease does not have a certain symptom, it can be very easily caught, so watch out. A characteristic of this is a swollen throat, its also called a bull neck.
Major problems is that it can be caught in your nervous system and effect your heart. It can cause major inflammation. In a result it can damage your heart and lead to death. If it leads to your blood stream you will only have a 40-50% survival chance.
This disease is very dangerous. In the 1800's about 150,000 people were effected by this, and about 15,000 people died from this. And then in the 1900's it struck again but since then these numbers have dropped by a lot. Now vaccines are now given to babies with also help to fight other diseases.

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