Stuf we learnt.


We learned alot these past few weeks about poetry in language arts. Some examples would be poetic terms and devices, Rhyme scheme, and opened us up to under standing what thoughts go through poets when they write.

~~Poetic devices/terms~~

These are some words that we learned:

~Assonance: The repetition of vowel sounds

~End Rhyme: the most common form of rhyme in poetry, where the rhyming words occur at the end of lines.

~Slant Rhyme: A.K.A. near rhyme or half-rhyme. It occurs when rhyming words have similar but not exact or identical rhyming sounds

~Internal Rhyme: rhyme that occurs within a line

~Form: The arrangement of words and the way a poem looks on a page

~Sonnet: A sonnet is a poetic form. A sonnet contains 14 lines and can have several rhyme schemes.

~Repetition: The repeating of sounds, words, phrases, or whole lines. This is a device poets use to emphasize an idea or create a certain feeling.

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National poetry day

National poetry day is on October 8, 2015 this year. it is a celebration of poetry and this years theme is Light. The offical month of poetry is April.

A Poem About Poems (We wrote it)

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