Early Childcare Program

2021-2022 Ms. Deb and Ms.Seacat

Welcome Back

Welcome Back! We are so excited for this year to begin. You can find monthly updates here on the site as well as the great accomplishments that are happening in our program. Lets celebrate our students and our goals!

Happening in October

Way To Go!

The Early Childcare Program has been working hard the month of September to finalize and present their "Art Lesson" plans to the preschool children. The presentations went very well with all those who participated earning at least a "C" or better. This is very impressive as this is only the second time they have been with the preschool children.

Education Jargon

The ECP class has also been working on expansion of early childcare vocabulaury in the area of "Guidance" and "Ages" and Stages" of development. It is amazing how these young ladies and gentleman are picking up on the educational jargon of our trade.

Panorama Survey Winners

The Early Childcare Program excelled and had the most students and parents participate in our survey. They are the big winners of Pizza Party. Also there names were put into a raffle for a drawing and our winner was Nevaeh Gallegos. Congratulations ECP way to reach out and engage in the community!

Congratulations on Honorary Mention for the Halloween Door Contest!

Way to all work together and make such a door with uniqueness and creativity!
Big picture

November.... remembering to be Thankful

We here in Early Childcare like to keep students interested and engaged and to keep their knowledge thriving. A few ways we do that is to have a guest speaker, visitor, or to go on field trips that are of interest to the Childcare Industry. The students really gain a lot of knowledge through the power of watching experts in their fields.

Be assured these however are not free days for students and attendance is required. Academic growth is the purpose of these activities. Please encourage your student to be an active participant.

In our classroom we do not hold Parent/Teacher conferences. Instead we hold Student-Led conferences. They are required for the class. Student swill call and invite you to their conference n will actually lead their own conference. We do this so students (potential teachers) will gain "hands on" work experience with this process. We would like to thank all the students who participated and the parents/guardians for coming.

Also coming this month we will begin our "baby stimulation" unit the week before Thanksgiving Break. This is one of the highlights of the year. Guardians please note that students do not have to bring home the baby, but all students will be required to care for the "stimulation baby" during their class time. More information with regard to the program will follow in the next few weeks. Super exciting time for the students!

The following students are busy working n their "Pyramid" training every Wednesday evening. Thanks for going above and beyond in furthering your early childhood education. Congratulations Dakalya Schutz, Jesse Ynojos, Kenzie Morton, and Veronica Bennet! Your dedication and passion will get you far!

The Early Childhood Program would like to thank parents who supported our CTSO'S recent staff breakfast, our cookie/coffee sale and those parents who have supplied snacks to our hungry students! Thanks for supporting our Program and students, we couldn't do this without you!

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