Library Newsletter

September 11, 2015

A great start to a new school year!

Hello friends and families of CCE! What a wonderful two weeks of school we have had already! It is hard to believe this is the beginning of my third year at CCE serving in the library. What fun and great learning we do here!

There have been some changes to the schedule and ways that we are using the library and technology instruction this year. I will try to keep this brief so as not to confuse anyone.

All students grades 1-5 are meeting with me three times a week. Two times for instruction (one in library one addressing technology) and one for check out only. Books are due to be returned on or before their check out date and those are the days that new books will be sent home. Please see schedule below.

Checkout Day

Please return library books on or before the day listed for your child's class or grade level.


First Grade: Mrs. Mosher's room only

Third Grade


Second Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade




First Grade: Ms. Brown's class only

Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering to help in the library. I have various things I could use help with and would appreciate any time you may have to give. My schedule this year is quite packed and I would appreciate and utilize any help that is offered, should you only have 20 minutes once a week it could really make a difference to the library!

Please contact me if you ever have any questions about the library, the skills being taught or your child's account. I can be contacted at the building before or after school, my email address is and my direct phone line at school is (319)828-4505 ext 1320.

Here's to a great year!!!

Jenny Brenner
Teacher Librarian, CCE