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What Is The Read By Grade Three Law?

What Is the Read By Grade Three Law?

Families can visit the Michigan Department of Education for resources including videos, Literacy Tips, Read By Grade Three information and online support.

Many resources are shared in Spanish and Arabic.

Facts for Families: What is the Read By Grade Three Law?

English Spanish Arabic

Facts for Families: What is a Good Cause Exemption Process?

English Spanish Arabic


How Can I Help Prepare My Child?

M-STEP: What Can Students Expect? Video

This video provides an overview of what students can expect including types of questions when taking the M-STEP assessment administered in grades 3-8 and 11.

Online Practice for M-STEP ELA, Math, Science, and S.S

The sample sets provide students and parents practice in solving grade-level and content-specific test items aligned to Michigan's academic content standards.

Does Your Child Need Help With Keyboarding Skills?

Click here for Touch Typing and practice keyboarding!

Explicit Test-Taking Strategies

Many students with learning difficulties need explicit, intensive instruction in study strategies. If your child has learning difficulties, read Study and test-taking strategies for kids with learning difficulties to support them with explicit test-taking strategies.

Test-Taking Tips

These common sense approaches can help reduce anxiety and improve test performance in kids with learning disabilities.


How Can I Help Create A Positive Testing Mindset

Help! My Child Worries About the Test

Are you wondering how to help your child with test stress? Here's a quick read with information and tips to help support your child.

5 Ways To Reduce Test Stress

Does your child get stressed about taking standardized tests? Follow this checklist to help ease their worries.

How To Help A Child With Test Anxiety

Running Time 1:41

Expert Annie Murphy Paul shares two techniques where kids put pen to paper and scribble their worries away.

How to help your child with test anxiety


How Do I Read and Interpret My Child Scores

Sample Parent Reports

Click on the button to see a sample of the Parent Report you will receive in early Fall.

Video Explanation: How to Read Parent Reports

Running Time 5:53

Watch this video from the Michigan Department of Education that explicitly explains how to read the Parent Reports you will receive.

Parent/Educator: How to Read 2019 Parent Reports for M-STEP, PSAT 8/9, and MME

Why Testing Makes Our Brains Work Better

Running Time: 1 minute

Exams and quizzes aren't bad and shouldn't be feared! Expert Annie Murphy Paul explains how they actually make people smarter.

Why testing makes our brains work better

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