Scott Hudson

By: Jaedyn Moody


Scott manages to end up being on the student council , Stage Directing for the play , was on the paper , he also got asked to figure out what they were going to study in April for English class. "So what are we going to study in April?" He flashed a smile at me ,and I felt doom approaching . I knew that smile . It's the one you get when a fish that's been nibbling at your bait for five minutes finally gulps it down. " Thank you Scott." " I usually let the first person who asks that question make the decision about what to study in April. Congratulations Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Let me know your choice by mid-march."


Scott has to go to every single football game to write for the paper. Mandy thought that scott likes sports since he was wearing a football shirt . Later on in the book scott has to cover for basketball and wreslting scott was covering about five games a week.


" Welcome to Honors English." Mr. Franka said.


Scott and Kyle were talking and Kyle was calling Lee a freaky ..... and Scott stood up for her saying that she wasn't that bad. " I could get a date if I wanted." I lied. "With who? Some freaky ... with a face full of pins?" The air in the hallway suddenly felt ten degrees warmer. Those words were way to familiar." What did you say?" Kyle's eyes shifted away for an instant, then locked back on mine."Freaky ..." "You're the one who wrote on her locker." I expected him to deny it. Instead h, he shrugged." Hey, it looks like you're not the only creative writer around here." And there went the why. I tackled him. No pushing.No working up to it.I just dove at him like a madman.


Scott was given a lot of tasks to do during his freshmen year. Like writing the paper for football, Basketball, and Wrestling. He also was doing stage directing for the play.
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This symbol represents my character because Scott writes in a journal for his baby brother on tips about how to survive high school.


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This picture represents basically the whole book and scott he writes a survival guide for his new sibling that is coming for high school


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This represents that Scott is getting a new baby brother in nine months. And he just entered high school


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Scott loves to read and he is really smart in English . I think when he grows up he would probably be writing novels.


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This shows that Scott did the paper for sports events. It also shows that Scott wanted to do book Reviews but mouth got to do it instead.


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This is when Scott has to choose what they are studying in April For Honors English Class.

This reminds Scott of fun times in his freshman year.

Scott's Future

In the future I think that Scott would end up being the first person in his family to go to college. He would also end up helping his brother with his reading problem and sign him up for some online classes. I think that Scott with be a writer when he gets older because of his love for books and he is already getting experience from writing the paper at school even though he wanted to write book reviews instead.