Ancient chinese foods

By: claire lahey

Common foods eaten

One of the most common foods the ancient Chinese ate was rice. Rice was known to be one of the most precious things in life to the Chinese. Noodles were also another common thing in Chinese food. There are many different types of ingredients you can add to the noodles. Vegetables are one of the many things you can add to the rice or noodles. They can also be added to meat to make It taste better.

Preparing the meals

Stir-frying was one way the Chinese prepared their foods. This method was used to keep flavours sealed in, but mostly to use a minimum amount of fuel. The food is cooked in a pot called a ding. Chopping the food in to small pieces was a good way to cook quickly, and use less wood for the fire. It was also good for using chopsticks.


Ancient Chinese foods connect to what they eat now because they used some of the same ingredients. Rice is one example of how it connects. Rice has been grown in china since ancient times. Almost every meal is served with rice. Tea is another thing that connects to ancient china. Since 3000BC Chinese people drank tea. Tea grows wild in china so when people started drinking it, the word soon spread and it became very popular. There are many things that connect to what they ate in ancient China.