21st Century Learning

Informing You About 21st Century Learning

What is 21st century learning?

21st century learning is doing work electronically and work by hand. There will be less writing work and a lot more kinesthetic tasks. Most teachers have already started with the 21st century learning by using things like angel, smart boards etc... 21st century learning is the learning of the present and future.  

Pros & Cons

A few cons of having 21st century learning in our schools is that the students might get a little distracted with the access of WiFi Many kids also won't be able to pay for a P.E.D and might fall behind the others that do.

A couple of advantages of having of having 21st century learning in our schools would be that there would be less text book work, and a lot more work that will have students paying more attention in class. You would have things like online tests that you can do at home and practice quizzes to practice yourself for the big test day.

In conclusion I believe that students will do better in classes with the 21st century learning due to the fact that they wiil be more interactive with each other.

Strategies That Will Be Used