Pediatric Oncologist

Career Research Project - Nicole Christy

Duties and Responsiblities

Pediatricians diagnose, treat, and help prevent children from injuries or diseases. Pediatric Oncologists diagnose and treat children who are affected by cancer and tumors.
They consult with parents and discuss possible treatments for the child, and relieve the patient of the side effects and pain caused by the cancer and its treatment.



Need bachelors degree and complete four years of medical school. After medical school, two to six years of internship residency is required in order to be a practicing pediatric oncologist.

Working Schedule

Average pediatric oncologist works 50-55 hours per week. They're on call daily.

Working Locations

Pediatric oncologists work in hospitals and clinics including specialty hospitals, medical offices, ambulatory care centers, and home health.


$74,980 per year
$36.05 per hour

Skills required

Communication skills, coping with death and dying, well defined philosophy about life, death, and suffering, people skills, and strong support system.

Job Outlook/Growth

Employment for pediatric oncologists, will grow 22% over the 2008-2018 decade. This projected growth in employment is much faster than average for all occupations.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

Physician assistants, registered nurse, and surgeons.