By Tia Julian


-population: 8,522,000

  • Jewish population- 6,377,000 (74.8%)
  • Arab population- 1,771,000 (20.8%)
  • Others (non-Arab, Christians)- 374,000 (4.4%)

-size of country: 8,019 mi squared


  • 75.4% Jewish
  • 16.9% Muslim
  • Christian 1.7%
  • Druze 4%

-biggest city: Jerusalem

-capital city: Jerusalem

-currency: 1USD= 3.84 Israeli New Sheqel

Things to Know Before Traveling:

  1. Israel is not cheap. Small things such as groceries and household items are expensive so beware that you might need a lot more spending money than anticipated.
  2. The fall and spring months are the rainy seasons where the weather is mild and the air inst dry, making it the best time to visit. The weather in Israel varies and a variety of different types of clothes are need. For example, if you travel to higher elevations, the temperatures may be cooler than areas of lower elevations.
  3. In Israel, the metric system is used so temperatures will be in Celsius and when estimating speed kilograms per hour will be used instead of miles per hour.
  4. Not everyone may dress this way, but some women in Israel may be seen wearing long skirts and shirts that cover their whole bodies and maybe even have their hair covered to show they are married. As for men, most wear black hats and long coats all year. The type of clothing people wear way indicate which type of religion they practice.
  5. Israel is much safer than people think. Gun laws are more strict and crime rates are low.

Must See Places Sights!


In Israel, Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world that was built thousands of years ago. It is home to many tourist attractions including the Old city where there are old synagogues and Jewish temples that you can walk around and see, L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic art which is a museum that contains Islamic art, culture, and architect. Overall Jerusalem is a beautiful place to visit that is filled with culture and history
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Rosh Pina

The small town of Rosh Pina is a must see sight. It overlooks Hula Valley and the Golan and is full of restaurants, boutiques, busy shopping centers, and many guesthouses. You can see Nahal Rosh Pina the Korazium National Park and participate in multiple outdoor activities such as hiking tours, biking tours, and horseback riding.
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