Mrs. Bill's School Family News

March 21st

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What to ask?

Have a kiddo that is reluctant to talk about what they did at school all day? Here are a couple questions to get the conversation rolling;

* Tell me about your Young Author book.

* What kind of costume/props do you want for your job fair day?

* In 124 what number is in the "ones" place?

Important Dates

  • Every Monday is library day
  • March 29: Career Fair
    Guests are invited to come and view our finished Community Helper projects. All are invited! No background check required because we have hired a police officer to be on site. (2:00-3:00)

  • April 1st-April 10th- Spring Break

  • April 12th-16th-Scholastic Book fair
  • April 16th-TCE PTO Pancake Breakfast
  • May 6th- Muffins with Mom-9:30
  • May 26th-Kindergarten Recognition program -9:45 -all are welcome

Community Helper Job Fair Day-March 29th

As you may know we have had a lot of great community helpers in to visit and talk to us about so many different kinds of jobs! We have been talking a lot about what your little peep wants to be when they grow up, so fun! (Below you will see a list of our future community helpers and stars!)

On March 29th your child will be presenting their choice of future career. Your child’s presentation is likely to be different than his or her peers. I am asking each child to dress up like the community helper he or she chose and bring in props to add to their presentation. Our presentation will be open house style and ALL family members and friends are welcome! Its crowded but SO fun! Please plan to come! We will work on the presentation piece at school, but I need your help in putting the costume/props together at home. I do not want this to be a financial burden on anyone. Feel free to use items you have around the house, pieces of costumes, etc... to make to make this feasible for your family. Please let me know if you need anything, we have lots of things around here or someone might have something you could borrow. I'm hoping by alerting you early you will have plenty of time to find what you need. Your child will need his/her costume here at school on FRIDAY, MARCH 25th for the dress rehearsal.

Our culminating presentation will be a "Job Fair". This will take place on March 29th from 2:00-3:00 in our classroom. Families and friends are welcome to attend so you can see your child and their classmates dressed up and sharing about the community helper he or she chose! I look forward to learning alongside your students.

Here is a list of our choices- these are final because they are truly what they chose on their own. =)

  • Leah- baby doctor
  • Max- farmer
  • Charlie- fire fighter
  • Bobby- police officer
  • Naomi-dog groomer
  • Cohen-basketball player
  • Owen- bakery owner
  • Graham-basketball player
  • Kinsey- teacher
  • Penelope- artist
  • Kyla- face painter
  • Krue- fire fighter
  • Leilah- teacher
  • Liam- zoo keeper
  • Kendall- teacher
  • Cullen- zoo keeper
  • Emmy- Vet
  • Maddie- chef
  • Frank- basketball player
  • Mackenzy- teacher
  • Joshua- fire fighter
  • Divyanshi- teacher
  • Fatima- school nurse
  • Charlotte-zoo keeper
  • Elle-singer

Menu Changes in the Cardinal Cafe


March 23- Chicken Pot Pie in place of Spaghetti

March 24- Cornbread in place of pretzel

TCE Student Council Food Drive

TCE Student Council will be having a food drive the week of March 21-25 benefitting the Fall Creek Township Food Pantry. Items can be brought to your child’s classroom and placed in their classroom collection box throughout the week. Below is a list of items that the food pantry is in need of:

Saltine Crackers

Cornbread Mix

Pancake Mix

Rice (white and brown)

Rice and Pasta Sides

Pop Tarts

Granola Bars

Beef Broth


Canned Chicken

Sloppy Joes

Shaving Cream

Juice (grape and apple)

Hamburger Helper

Canned Chili

Thank you for your support.

Baby It's Still Cold Outside! ...PLEASE READ!

Just a friendly reminder to CONTINUE to send WARM coats and gloves and hats with your little peep. We go out most days and I've had some very chilly little people lately. =) Thanks! Our recess time is early so it has often not warmed up enough to be outside in only a sweatshirt or without gloves and hats. I still am wearing my long down coat out if that tells you anything! Just a few more weeks! We can do this!

I will happily take donations of gloves for our class to use when someone doesn't have pair.

Academic Highlights

Guided reading books (the black and white ones) please be reading and re-reading these with your child. New books coming home again soon!

The sight words for this week are: away, came, have & little

If your child has not mastered the sight words for quarters 1-3 please practice them often.

In math, we are working on place value of 1's and 10's. We are also working on counting to 100, but starting in different places.

If you dine out could you ask for a menu we could use in our classroom? Some restaurants will even give you a real one if they know what it is for. =)

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

For more pictures and updates please follow me on Twitter @sbillTCE

Leveled Readers Coming Home!

You will continue to see some small black and white books coming home with you child. These are our leveled readers. I am hoping to get a new book home with your child about 1x per week. These books are theirs to keep. I will make notes on the cover for things to work on while reading. Please keep these books in an easily accessible spot and read and re-read them often even the books they have "memorized". This creates confident readers with lovely fluency. We talk about reading with voices that sound like talking not like robots. =)

Classroom Wish List

  • We REALLY REALLY need PLAY DOUGH Any brand, style. Recycled items for loose parts art are always welcome!

  • We also could use some golf tee's. If you have any extra you'd like to donate we'd love to have them!

  • In other news...
  • Our collection is growing and we are using many of the donated items already. I am attaching an altered list just in case you come across something else you would like to share!
  • There is much research that shows that students have a high interest in things that are "real". We are loving our new environment! They are creating and finding more connections than I ever dreamed!

  • Seeds/ flowers
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • water color paint
  • paint brushes
  • peg board
  • latches and locks
  • larger nuts and bolts
  • plants
  • planters
  • sand
  • play dough
  • Discovery News

    Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. Kindergarten classes continued our Jump Rope for Heart practice this week. We have tried traditional jump ropes, ball ropes, and long ropes. Ask your child about his/her favorite way to jump! Students also created a dot rainbow for art this week. It was fun to see all the colorful rainbows! Next Friday is our actual Jump Rope for Heart day! Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.
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