Tycho Brahe



  • Tycho Brahe went to college in the university of Copenhagen Leipzig.
  • Tycho Brahe studied law and philosophy.
  • Tycho Brahe used to fence when he was little until he got his nose chopped off.


  • With no instruments other than a glob and a pair of compasses, he seceded in detecting grave errors in the Alfsine and Prutenic tables and set about correcting them.
  • Using his observatory he Studied the night and the night after that and soon, him and assistants carved their observations in a 5 foot diameter brass ball.
  • Marked as the most accurate naked eye observatory observations.

interesting facts

  • In 1597 Tycho Brahe accepted an invitation to Bohemia from the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II.
  • He had the most advanced observatory in the world which was in on Baltic island.
  • He had seen a super nova.

impact on today

  • Tycho Brahe studied the heavens,measured stars and planets position,and created an observation that helped mold modern astronomy.
  • His observations of planetary motion, particularly that of mars, provided the crucial data for later astronomers.
  • made in important contributions by devising the most precise instrument around before the invention of the telescope.