Dragon Points


Last Thursday's musical was awesome!!! Thank you, to the students for working so hard. A special thank you to Durham’s fine arts department for putting it all together and the teachers who attended. To those of you who helped out after school to keep some students from getting in a fight...Kudos to You! Mr. Harvey for pitching in major in the hallways and in the cafeteria....Kudos. Last, but never least, to all of you! You are the best faculty in the district...bar none. Enjoy the cake to add to your super indulgence.


Throughout the school year in a variety of ways, we have had the discussion about taking proper (accurate) attendance. Here's some great examples of why accurate and consistent attendance is necessary: If we had an emergency, would we be able to reunite students with their parents in a seamless manner? If we were audited, would our records be accurate? Would each student's absences be consistent throughout the day? Obviously, having accurate attendance is the answer to both!


As we wind down, please remember to have at least ten grades for students and two exams even though it's hard to fit these in with STAAR and students out for multiple trips, etc.

Top Ten List

As we begin preparation for the next school year please take a moment and make a list of the top ten discipline issues that we should focus on for next year. For example, fighting, bullying, etc. Once you are done with your list, please forward this to your department chair who will reduce this down to one list for each department. Send to Mrs. Costa by May 20th

Department Meetings

Please meet to determine when your department meetings will be next year. This is a similar process from last year. For example, science will meet the first Tuesday of every month. Email your meeting days and times to Mrs. Costa by May 20th.

Parent Communication

As we approach the end of the school year, it is important that parent communication be on the forefront of everyone's mind. Especially in cases where students are failing or on the precipice of failing.

The Purge

Are you an educational hoarder? What items and/or behaviors have you held onto for too long? While everything is hectic, please take a look at the items in your room that are not conducive to learning and begin the process of throwing these items away. It might be from an old program or it might be an old piece of furniture that is sitting in your room, but serves no purpose. This also includes any posters or signs regarding Strategic Design, the Dragon Five or past mission and vision statements. This needs to be completed by May 31st. To help in this endeavor "The Purge Party" Crew will be walking around.

Hard to Say Goodbye

For those of you are not returning next school year, please have your rooms/offices cleaned out by June 2nd. This is so others can begin the process of moving into their new rooms. Do not leave behind any furniture from home that you brought in, please take it with you. Also, if you are leaving the district, please communicate with technology on turning in your Mac, iPad, etc.

No Excuses University

We will begin the process of focusing on being a No Excuses University School. The first step will be attending the conference this summer. Thank you to those who are giving up two days and accompanying me to the Dallas conference: Shaw, Storgaard, Psencik, Long, Pivarnik, and Ashmore.

No Excuses University has tons of components but the first steps in it all is adult accountability and college readiness. More to come...


Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.-Zig Ziegler