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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • Welcome to our class Amir! We are excited to have a new friend in our room.
  • TechFest is this Tuesday! What a great opportunity for you to learn what your child is learning to use in class!
  • Please make sure your send in your unwanted Spring Pictures or money for your child's pictures this week. Also, please remember to send back your child's third quarter report card envelope.
  • Final report cards will be mailed home at the end of the year.

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: suffix ending in -hood, and -en

Math: We will be starting Topic 13, which will go over counting money. In this topic we will learn how to recognize coins, count coins, and create an equal total with different coins. Please talk with your child about money recognition at home and this will help with their understanding in the classroom.

Reading: We will continue our historical fiction unit this week. We will learn more about Immigration and Ellis Island as well as the children on the Orphan Train. While we learn about history, we will be using article to help find the main idea and details. We will be able to read stories and decide what parts of the story were facts and what is fiction.

Writing: We will practice taking notes on articles that we read. Once we have finished learning about Ellis Island and the Orphan train, we will start our Historical fiction writing piece.

Vocabulary: Orphan, Orphanage, and prejudice

Phonics List

Derivational Suffix: -hood and -en

boyhood, shorten, blacken, knighthood, brotherhood, golden, childhood, darken, brighten, motherhood, babyhood, frighten, sharpen, molten, lighten, weaken

Derivational Suffixes: These suffixes create a new word 'derived' from the old word. These suffixes create new words by changing meaning, part of speech , or both. (e.g. short-shorten)

Happy Birthday and Author's Corner

Happy Birthday!!!

Brandt - March 30th

Author's Corner

Ava and Lily

Mark Your Calendar

April 2 Spring Party @ 1:00

April 3 - NO SCHOOL

April 30 - Second Grade Musical @ 7:00