Sam Seidelman

Background Information

The Capital of Suriname is Paramaribo, which is also the largest city in the country. Some other major cities include alley drop, Brokopondo, Moengo, and Albina. Before Suriname gained its independence Novemeber 25th, 1975, the country was controlled by The Netherlands. The official language of the country is Dutch. The flag of Suriname has green stripes on the top and bottom, followed by white stripes, then red in the middle with a yellow star.

Geographical Information

Suriname is located East of Guyana, West of French Guiana and North of Brazil. Three physical features are Van Wijk Mountains, Barhuis Mountains, and WJ Van Bloomenstien Lake.

Political Information

Suriname has a Constitutional Democracy government which is a government that allows the voice of others to be heard. The leader of Suriname is President De'si Bouterse.

Economic Information

The Suriname currency is the Surinamese Dollar (SRD) and their economic system is capitalism.