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January 2019

Dear CGSD Community,

I trust the holiday season was good to you and yours! Now it's time for us to settle in and re-focus on the many exciting learning opportunities offered here in the CGSD. This month we'll observe MLK Day, usher in the end of the second marking period (January 24), nourish our teachers and support staff with time for self care and personalized learning (Edcamp on Jan. 21), as well as provide students with countless other innovative learning experiences!

That said, you're probably thinking this EdCamp business must be pretty important if we've asked our kids to stay home, right? Well, you would be correct. In actuality, suspending school activities for students on January 21st served a two-fold purpose. One, to commemorate the life of an outstanding American leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His famous "I have a Dream" speech and his work with social justice helped galvanize Dr. King as a heroic civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Dr. King's message resonates as true today as it did more than five decades ago.

The second purpose for suspending school activities on January 21st was to provide time for our staff to take a deeper dive into personalized learning...for themselves! For our teachers and support staff to provide their best, they have to be at their best. This month's EdCamp (see pics below) provided opportunities for our educators to explore topics such as advanced google classroom, applications in Next Generation Science Standards, teaching students how to overcome adversity, increasing student engagement through online tools, social media in the classroom, flipping the classroom, escape room lesson activities, writing in content areas, problem-based learning, science and engineering practices, yoga (yes, yoga!) and more!

Temperatures may be cold outside, but the CGSD is just getting warmed up!



Michael J. Fetherman


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The CGSD strategic planning process is slowly taking shape! Working collaboratively with our partners at the Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices, we have collected data from students, staff and parents relative to our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In an effort to gather additional information regarding the internal and external factors affecting our progress, we ask that you take the following STRATEGIC PLANNING SURVEY ...
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NE 4th graders state their opinions... and improve their writing by sharing among friends! Pictured here are some of our young writers reading aloud their opinion pieces and giving each other feedback.
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NE kindergarteners in Mrs. Terzo’s class listen to reading as part of their Daily Five learning center rotation.

SE Comp Tech Students Use Apps to Create Newscasts!

At SE, 3rd grade Comp Tech students chose a U.S. city and researched the average climate. They created a google slide presentation on their city's weather, and then transferred their information to a script to create their own daily weather report. Students used the Touchcast Studio app to record their reports, and a green screen was utilized in order for the newscast to appear as if it was recorded in an actual studio. The videos will be uploaded to the South End Youtube channel.

SE Grade 4 Students Engage with Kahoot!

SE Grade 4 students in Mrs. Legras' class engaged in a Kahoot! game to review for their Social Studies test. This particular game was created by a student. Do we have a future teacher in our midst?!
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MMS Random Acts of Kindness Club filled up tote bags with school supplies and decorated journals/ wrote an inspirational message for children who are less fortunate. There were over 29 more smiling children this holiday season!

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The 6th grade S.T.E.M. class is currently learning about renewable energy and the effects of using fossil fuels on the environment. In the MMS Greenhouse they are currently growing tomatoes, kale, eggplant, and lettuce with subfreezing temperatures outside. The class is responsible for keeping the vegetables watered and tracking estimated growth. They are using math to understand the comparison between standard and metric measurement conversions. When the class is not working on the greenhouse, they are building windmills with the Lego Simple and Powered Machine kits. The project requires students to make several predictions and understand how windmills can be used in a number of different roles. They will soon be getting into the K'NEX Renewable Energy sets where they will experiment with not only wind, but solar and hydro power as well.

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7th grade students participated in a carousel introductory activity before reading the novel The Giver. Each student individually, and then as a group, came up with their first reactions to color. Ideas focused on objects, ideas, and emotions that are evoked from the colors. Each student concluded the exercise by writing about their favorite color and provided a description as to why they chose it.

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CGHS hosted Alumni Day on January 11 to expose current seniors to insights aimed at preparing them for post-secondary education and/or life after high school. Pictured here are the returning alumni who were treated to lunch by Principal Mangili.

Check out the 2019 Music for All Advocacy Winners!

Congratulations to Mrs. Jessen and our CGHS Music Department for their recognition as Music for All Advocacy Awards winners!
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