OES Staff Bulletin

3/21/16 - 3/24/16

Teacher Strategies

1. When responding to a frustrating situation; use neutral and non-emotional responses. This can be the hardest thing to do. Use self-coaching, coping skills, or anything that works for you to stay cool, calm, and collected. It can also prevent a power struggle with students.

2. Allow for Metacognition; Students are given opportunities to plan and organize, monitor their own work, direct their own learning, and to self-reflect along the way. When we provide students with time and space to be aware of their own knowledge and their own thinking, student ownership increases. And research shows that metacognition can be taught.

Reminder NO school Friday!

Mon Mar 21, 2016

Pennies for Patients

Spring Picture Day

4pm Horizon Youth Theatre Practice

6pm 6th grade girls basketball - gym

7:30pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Tue Mar 22, 2016

Pennies for Patients

Intervention Specialist Transition Meetings

11am OES Student of the Month

3:30pm 4th Gr. Girl Scouts

4:30pm 5th grade Girls BBall - Hillsheim

5pm Horizon Youth Theatre Practice

6pm Vollmar - 5th Baseball

7pm 2nd Grade Music Program

Wed Mar 23, 2016

Pennies for Patients

March Behavior Reward: Hawaiian / Beach Day for all. Lei's @ Specials

8am Breakfast Club 3-5

9:50am State Wide Tornado Drill

2:30pm Post Office Delivery

4pm Horizon Youth Theatre Practice

6pm 6th grade girls basketball

6pm Board of Education meeting High School Library

6:30pm Girl Scout Troop 10239

8pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Thu Mar 24, 2016

Pennies for Patients

Report Cards Go Home

9:30am Talent Show - PK,1,2,3

1:30pm Emergency Dismissal Drill

2:30pm Talent Show - KG,4,5

4pm Horizon Youth Theatre Practice

4:30pm 5th grade Girls BBall - Hillsheim

5:30pm 3rd Gr. Girl Scouts

6pm 4th Grade Boys Basketball

Thank yous

Thank you Bonnie and Jenny for continuing to add to the efficiency of our building.

Thank you Stephen for stepping up for additional job duties and working together as a team.

Thank you teachers for attending before and after school meetings, team meetings continue to be very helpful.

Thank you Patty for being such and awesome SLP, we are going to miss you. Good luck.

Thank you teachers for attending testing training and all the individuals helping with testing during April and May.

Thank you staff for helping count pennies with Lianna.


SLOs are due to your evaluator by April 15th.

3rd through 5th grade state testing begins the Wednesday (4/6/16) after spring break.

Teachers- If you want to observe a peer teacher to learn strategies or get input/feedback please let Katrina or Marc know. It can be very helpful when implementing new strategies and/or learning other teacher strategies.