Historical Fiction Project

Main Character Desription

The Main Character in my book was Jake Pitney and he was sometimes mean to his sister Star but he changes in the end and starts being more kind to her. He would protect baby turtles from raccoons and any other predator.

Setting Paragraph

My story Blow Away takes place in the Key West, Florida. During the Labor Day holiday the news is to say there is going to be a hurricane in Key West, the bad thing is that Star has the Sleeping Sickness and a high fever

Back Page Summary

It's 1935, and Jake Pitney is 13 years old and is going to go on a trip with Sharkey the grouchiest man alive. Then Sharkey decides to buy a mule named Jewel and a dog named Rudy. When a new girl Mara comes to town he tries to get her to like him. On a Labor Day holiday, a hurricane it's and splits him and his family up, he is determined to find his family and little sister Star.