Tide Pools

ocean zone

About tide pools

Tide pools are located everywhere in the ocean but mainly be the shore. The average temperatures are 9-11 degrees Celsius. Inhabitants must be able to deal with a frequently changing environment, such as fluctuation in water temperatures, salinity and oxygen content. Waves can dislodge mussels and draw them out to sea. Tides do have an effect on tide pools. The organisms must survive wave action, currents, and exposure to the sun during high tide zone. Organisms in this zone don’t have to be as well adapted to drying out and temperature extremes. Abiotic factors of tide pools are tides, salinity, moisture and sunlight. Biotic factors of tide pools are animals, algae, oxygen, chemically. Invasive species in tide pools are some fish, foxes and the orange sheath tunicate. Resources found in this location are some rocks. Many people are badly impacting these by collecting the animals in them, which causes the population of the animals to change in them. Three things people can do to help tide pools are take care of the animals in them, don’t disturb the tide pool at all, and don’t take out the animals in them.