Newton's 100

Flaming Flame From flame world(F4) Design by: Brenden Hobson

First law: Inertia

Inertia is the resistance on an object that is in motion or sitting at rest. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. To make an object at rest go in motion you have to add force. In my car the force is the elasticity (rubberband) it winds the axle making it roll and go into motion. An object in motion also has force but this time the force is stopping the object. In my car the force stopping it was friction and the air/wind.

Second Law: F=MA

The second law of motion is Force equals Mass times Acceleration (F=MA). The second law says that force is unbalanced. Acceleration has two variables, the net force and the mass of the object. This helped my car because the more force put on the axle the faster my car went.

Newton's Third Law: For every action there is an equal to opposite reaction.

The third law is a push or a pull that is a result of acting with another object. In the third law forces come in pairs the pairs are equal and opposite action/reaction force pairs. In my car the wheels were the opposite equal reaction. The tires of my car gripped the floor and pushed off causing it to move. The more force it made my car grip and push off faster.

Data Collection Graph

At first my car went only 1 meter and went pretty slow.
With a little time and upgrades in wheels, body, and axles my car went 1 meter pretty fast.
Later I changed rubber bands to thicker and smaller which caused my car to go really fast.
Trial 1: 67.98cm/s
Trial 2: 52.1cm/s
Trial 3: 73.84cm/s


My car started out in a bad stage. I had an idea of weight causing my car to move forward which didn't work at all. After seeing example from my peers I found out how to get my car to move. I restarted totally and used better wheels. My car has a rubber band inside that twists up the axle causing it to spin and the car goes in motion. The third law of motion helped my car move because of the grip on my wheels. My car ended up going three meters when it only had to go one. My car ended up 4th place in distance and 3rd place in speed.

Final Car