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One Of The Best

Mrs. Jones has been selected to have iPads this year, and that is only one of the many things that makes her class amazing. She is a great teacher, and being in her class, there is fun around every corner.....

A Brand New Book

Dog On

Lately Mrs. jones has been reading a book to us by Gary Paulsen called My Life In Dog Years. This book is about the dogs That impacted Gary Paulsen's life. Students have been taking note about Gary Paulsen's life, his dogs traits, and things that we can learn from him as a writer. Mrs. Jones has also given choice in which tool we want to use to take notes on. Students have been using plenty of creativity and style in their notes and they are turning out awesome!


Students are feeling the strong connection with Gary and his dogs, and his touching stories express friendship the students will never forget. Mrs. Jones has selected great books that our students will remember as they get older.

Mrs. Jones has also allowed students to express creativity while responding to her reading. Therefore, the notes about the current book, My Life In Dog Years, has had a variety of different expressions about opinion, style, and description.

Making Learning Visible

On Wednesday, March 11, from six to eight, several bright students from Mrs. Jones's class represented making learning visible with the variety of apps available on our iPads. This was fun, as the students got to show parents, teachers, and school board members how we use our iPads in class. Students also got a chance to visit the hundreds of projects and booths and even play kahoot (an interactive quiz that everyone loves), and see websites, along with learning about robotics and other sciences.
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Learning Showcase

Wednesday, March 11th, 6-8pm

18111 Cumberland Road

Noblesville, IN

A fun showcase of students all over Noblesville, prepared to show their learning.

Proportions: Getting to the Good Stuff

The REAL World

Mrs. Jones has been focusing us on thinking about how we can use math in real life. This is teaching us to understand that math isn't useless. An example for using proportions to find percent Mrs. Jones came up with was stated to a group during math on Thursday, "We can think about it when we zoom on our phones. You are going to take pictures in your life."
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Wrap up Writing

Our whole class has been showing personality in our writing this week by finishing up our feature articles. We were given the option to choose a topic we were passionate about and write, write, write!

The articles turned out amazing and kids were engaged in what they were doing the whole time!

The Writers

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