Pride and Prejudice soundtrack

Shelby Brewer period 5,englert

Song one

Reading Darcy's letter- Black Beauty by Lana del Rey

The drama conflicted feelings and almost an insight to Darcy's feeling regarding Elizabeth
Lana Del Rey - Black Beauty (Audio) HD

Song two

The proposal to Elizabeth and the quick departure

It's sad and empowering . The confusion of emotions and the shock and how all over the place all Elizabeth emotions are. Also the mention of past events and not sure how to look at them anymore
a car, a torch, a death - twenty one pilots // lyrics

Song three

Lily Allen - Somewhere Only We Know

Lydia eloping running away with wickham

The dreaming of a future of having to be an adult but wanting to be free so you just take a quick break

Song four

Justin Bieber - I'll Show You - | LYRICS |

Catherine and Elizabeth talk regarding her relationship with darcy

She shows up tough stands up for herself and puts lady Catherine in her place